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Katmai National Park Is a Bear Lover's Paradise

One of the few untouched national reserves is the Katmai National Park in Alaska. The entire park covers around four million acres – making it roughly the size of Wales - and is a haven for the Alaskan brown bear. Most of the expense is left untapped so visitors can experience the wild beauty in its natural state. As such, all hunting is banned.

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The park is named after Mount Katmai, which is a crater-lake volcano. It was formed during the Novarupta eruption of 1912 and is part of the Aleutian Range. The park has several other inactive volcanoes dotting the preserve, making it an interesting and exciting tourist destination.

The presence of these volcanoes left the monument largely unvisited until the early ‘50s. It was only after a few years that an exploration team ventured into the area. They saw the wide variety of Alaskan wildlife and knew that this was a visual experience that must be enjoyed by all. Most importantly, these explorers knew that they had to protect the surrounding area. The present national park and preserve was formalized in 1980 under the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act.

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The most popular destination of the park is Brooks Camp which is situated at the mouth of the Brooks River and gives visitors full access to the brown bears. Campers can even fish here – the salmon being recognized as one of the world’s best. Brooks Camp is also the starting point of many guided hiking tours.

Anyone who wants to see Alaskan wildlife up close and personal should include Katmai in their itinerary.

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